Having a vibrant, active and engaged youth wing is a key part of ensuring that the contribution the Suffolk Sheep makes to the sheep industry continues and grows in the future. We are launching a new Youth/Young Adult programme which will support our young people as they take those first steps in creating, and building their own flocks. Not only are their membership and registration fees being heavily subsidised by the Society, but we have also introduced a new competition for 2017 which will focus on the key competencies required in sheep husbandry and farm management.
As part of our ongoing programme, we will be providing details of our first Society Young Adult event in early 2018.  Not only will our young people enjoy the camaraderie and ‘craic’ which always happens on these occasions, but where there will be demonstrations and presentations (with a bit of ‘hands on experimenting’) on improving their skills and making them better shepherds!

The new categories are:

  • Suffolk Youth (up to 16 years old) – annual membership fee £12.00 incl VAT
  • Suffolk Young Adults (up to 26 years old) – annual membership £24.00 incl VAT

Other benefits:

  1. Own flock number and prefix.
  2. Two complimentary ewe registrations per year for 3 years from joining (or until exiting the scheme).
  3. 50% discount for registering 1 Ram within 12 months of joining.
  4. Welcome Pack.
  5. Early notification of Suffolk Youth/Young Adults events.
Please click here to read more about the Suffolk Youth/Young Adult.