CT Scanning Update

By Suffolk Sheep Society 3rd February, 2012

SAC will again be offering a CT scanner service in 2012, both at our static site near Edinburgh and with the mobile scanner at various sites throughout England and Wales.

 CT Scanning Dates 2012



Breeds that have scanned at this time in the past *

7th-9th May


Charollais / Hampshire Down

15th-17th May


Charollais / Hampshire Down

6th-11th June



11th-12th July


Texel / Suffolk / Hampshire Down / Beltex / Charollais

16th – 18th July



8th-9th August


Texel / Suffolk

21st-22nd August


Texel / Suffolk

 * Please note dates are NOT exclusive to the breeds indicated. We are happy to scan all breeds on all dates if required.

 CT scan charges (before subsidy) for 2012 are as follows:

 SAC scanner (Edinburgh) - £60 per lamb

Mobile scanner (Nottingham / Aberystwyth) - £92 per lamb

Mobile scanner (Midhurst) - £109 per lamb

Mobile scanner (Thorganby) – sire selection day and trial lambs (daily charge). Please contact us if you want to use this date as the Meatlinc lambs must take priority


CT scanning subsidy

 We have spoken to the devolved bodies and they have kindly agreed to support this service again in 2012. The subsidy will apply to male lambs only and will be for a minimum of 5 lambs per flock, with a selection of sires represented. The following rates have been agreed with maximum lamb numbers applicable:

EBLEX -£55 per lamb (max of 15 lambs per flock / breeder)

HCC - £55 per lamb (max of 10 lambs per flock / breeder)

QMS– Signet are contacting all Scottish pedigree producers to see what the projected uptake of CT scanning is likely to be. Once this information is acquired they will notify us of the subsidy they are able to pay



 ·A minimum of 5 lambs from each flock is required to allow evaluations to be as accurate as possible.

·Only male lambs are eligible for subsidy but we are happy to scan both males and females

·Lambs must be starved for a minimum of 4 hours before scanning

·Lambs should be back-fat scanned before they come for CT

·Lambs should be around 20 - 24 weeks of age at CT scanning

·Lamb numbers per day are flexible in Edinburgh but a full day (around 35 lambs) is preferred to make good use of our time and the facility

·The mobile scanner has been booked for a minimum of 2 days at each session. We must have 50 lambs per day booked in for scanning to enable a session to go ahead

·Numbers for the mobile scanner must be finalised 10 days before the scan date to allow us to confirm the scanner booking. Lambs withdrawn after this time will be charged at the full unsubsidisedrate.


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