NSA Members Update - 9th March 2012

By Suffolk Sheep Society 15th March, 2012

Welsh EID Database Announcement, NSA meeting with Jim Paice MP, Upland Farm Incomes and Schmallenburg Update.

Welsh EID Database Announcement
Welsh Govt announced yesterday that they are not going to partner with Defra in the tender process that is due to go out later this month to develop a movement database. Welsh Assembly will consider one of two options, to either develop their own bespoke database, or use an adapted version of the Scot EID system. There is not a timescale in place in Wales for any implementation yet. There is an assurance that Welsh Govt are committed to ensuring compatibility between whatever they use with Scot EID and the England system.

Therefore Defra is about to commence the tender process for a movements database for England only. NSA, ideally placed as a UK organisation, will continue to work across all devolved areas, to ensure the industry has systems in place which are entirely compatible for all producers across GB. There are still opportunities to influence what the DEFRA tender asks for, so NSA’s policy team will be developing a strategic plan to present to Government.

 NSA meeting with Jim Paice MP

NSA CEO and NSA Chairman, Phil Stocker and John Geldard, met with the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, Jim Paice last week (29th Feb). NSA raised serious concerns over the state of play with a range of measures relating to disease control, including the need to ensure current movement recording beyond the farm gate is being properly conducted centrally; the urgency of alternatives to the 6-day standstill that result in practical and effective measures; and of course the Minister’s recent announcement of zero tolerance. All these issues continue to frustrate the sheep sector and NSA will keep up its work, aiming for a balance of lightening the regulatory burden while delivering effective security and risk control for the sector.

 Upland Farm Incomes

It is reported that average farm business income in the LFA’s increased by 49% between 2006/07 and 2010/11, but remains at a relatively low level – without the Single Payment Scheme and agri-environment payments on average grazing livestock farms would have made a loss in each of the last 5 years. 37% of grazing livestock farms in LFAs undertook a diversified activity and 26% indicated that all of their household income was provided by the farm. There was widespread feeling that there are fewer opportunities for wider income generation for upland farms than for farms elsewhere.

Reference RU Source – Rural information Centre

 Schmallenburg Update
NSA would urge all producers to continue to remain vigilant, and where a suspicious case arises, take advantage of the FREE and CONFIDENTIAL reporting service offered by AHVLA. Information on the current disease situation in Great Britain is published on the AHVLA website at:

[LINK; http://www.defra.gov.uk/ahvla/news;DEFRA;;;Y]

Please contact your local AHVLA Laboratory (England and Wales) or SAC Disease Surveillance Centre (Scotland) if you need further guidance:

[LINK;http://www.defra.gov.uk/vla/vla/vla_contacts.htm#laboratories.;Defra Labs;;;Y]



PLEASE NOTE: NSA Wales & Border Ram Sale 2012 The Main Ram Sale will be held on Monday 24th Septemberat the Royal Welsh Showground. This is a week later than originally scheduled after concerns were raised by breed societies & vendors about the earlier date.

[LINK;www.nsaramsales.co.uk;NSA Ram Sales;;;Y]


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