Great news for anyone using the Dalton EID Sheep tag range.

By Suffolk Sheep Society 16th April, 2012

ScotEID have recently published a report on EID Sheep tag read rates and Dalton has taken the top THREE spots.

The clear winner is the new, lightweight and low-cost i-Rototag with an impressive 96.11% successful read rate. This is not only the best result in any of the categories but it also beats the worst tag by nearly 10%. A close second place goes to the Dalton I-Tag 25 an electronic button tag which again beats ALL other tag producers in its category and finally our I-Tag Loop which although being a first generation electronic tag and the Grand Daddy of our EID sheep tag range still manages to convincingly beat off the competition.

Put simply Dalton has proven that quality electronic tags do not need to cost the Earth and with the i-Rototag starting at just 60p it makes you wonder why anyone would use anything else?

This significant report was carried out in Scotland during 2011 on over 3.3 million sheep and the statistical analysis was carried out by Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland. The category in which Dalton was placed first, second and third was between 1000 and 50,000 reads. Full details can be found at

[LINK; ;ScotEID;;;Y]

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