NSA Members Update - April 2012

By Suffolk Sheep Society 23rd April, 2012

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Calling sheep producers – SCOPS need your views!
It is now nearly 8 years since the SCOPS principles for sustainable worm control in sheep were launched to the industry. During this time, awareness of the threat that anthelmintic resistance (AR) poses has greatly increased and the SCOPS group has worked hard to get their messages across to Vets, farmers and the wider industry. But it is not easy. Some of the messages are straight forward; others are more complicated and differ from conventional practices.

To try and increase both awareness and uptake, SCOPS needs to understand how farmers feel about changing worming practices, what the barriers are to uptake, and what we need to do to help you in the future. The initial phase of this was an on-line survey; the second part is to invite a small group off farmers to come and discuss the survey findings in more details. These ‘Focus Group’ meetings are extremely valuable to SCOPS because it allows them to listen to the views and concerns of farmers.

 SCOPS are holding focus groups at the NSA sheep Centre on Wednesday 9th May (afternoon and evening). It will only take about 2 hours and your views are vital to their future plans. If you think you would like to take part then please contact Lesley Stubbings, email

[EMAIL; Lesley@lssc.fsnet.co.uk, ;][PHONE;01832 720 230;]

 Meeting with French Sheep sector representatives
NSA, alongside NFU, were invited by EBLEX to participate in an English delegation, that met with French industry leaders in Millau this week. The annual get together of the English and French ‘Sheep Club’ which is organised by EBLEX, is something which has been taking place for many years and is an invaluable opportunity for exchange of ideas and views. Issues debated included the respective market situation and trends, EU lamb promotion, meat inspection regulations, Schmallenberg, and the issue of Halal slaughter. NSA Comms Manager Dyana Webb commented “it is clear that the UK and French sheep sectors share many common challenges, associated with EU regulations, biosecurity, consumption trends and increasing input costs. The discussions were extremely enlightening and useful and help us to further positive relationships with our colleagues in Europe which we feel will be a good thing for us all. A key element of the discussions was the need to encourage and support young entrants into the sheep sector, an issue common to both France and the UK. There are exciting opportunities to be explored through a collaborative approach, including the development of European and World young shepherd competitions. NSA currently coordinate events across the UK, which encourage young entrants to demonstrate their skills and promote the knowledge and expertise present in the industry. Plans are already in place to run a European competition at the Sheep Event in Malvern, 4th July and to hold discussions regarding future World Young Shepherds Championships, following the successful inaugural competition in NZ last year.”

 Finance and General Purposes Committee
The new NSA Finance and General Purposes Committee held its first meeting this week, on Wednesday the 18th April. FGP committee consists of David Croston as Treasurer, Ian Hepburn representing Scotland, Llew Thomas representing Wales, Crosby Clelland representing Northern Ireland, and Dave Gregory and David Prosser representing England. FGP is responsible for making recommendations to the NSA Board on matters of finance and personnel. The meeting was held at the Westmoreland Agricultural Society offices and included a presentation on investment opportunities. This presentation was in relation to NSA and all its linked budget holders making the most of any cash assets held. A summary of the minutes of the meeting will be available on the NSA members section of the web site shortly.

The exceptionally dry spell experienced by many regions broke this week, at least in part, with most regions now having seen significant rain – sufficient to boost grass growth once temperatures increase. But while the rain is definitely welcome, for some it couldn’t have come at a worse time. With lambing in full swing, spare a few thoughts particularly for those in Scotland and some of the more climatically difficult regions, where reports have come in of rain, hail, and even snow having caused substantial losses in new born lambs.

 NSA Sheep 2012
Advance ticket and pre-event dinner ticket order forms are now available on the event website –

[LINK;www.sheepevent.org.uk;Sheep Event;;;Y]

Dinner tickets strictly limited to 300 so book early to avoid disappointment.

Breed Forum
A forum for breed societies is planned for 21st August (the day before the AGM) – please don’t forget to let us know the issues your society would like to see debated at the forum in August. You can let us know by using the following online survey facility


NSA on-line
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the NSA website

[LINK; www.nationalsheep.org.uk;National Sheep;;;Y]

, along with

[LINK;www.facebook.com/natsheep;Facebook ;;;Y]



for the latest news.

  2012 NSA Events & meetings:

  • NSA Board meeting – 3rd May, London
  • NSA English Committee meeting – Weds 23rd May, Malvern

NSA Scotsheep – Wednesday 6th June
The Morrisons Farm at Dumfries House, Cumnock, Ayrshire
euan@AppliedRemedies.co.ukor jas@nationalsheep.org.uk

 NSA South Sheep – Wednesday 13th June
At Nugent Farms Ltd, Upper Lambourn, Berkshire
suem@nationalsheep.org.ukor blanden@btopenworld.com

 NSA Sheep 2012 – Wednesday 4th July
At The Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs.
helen@nationalsheep.org.ukor dy@nationalsheep.org.uk

 NSA AGM – Wednesday 22nd August
Further details to follow on the website and in your copy of the Sheep Farmer magazine. enquiries@nationalsheep.org.uk

 NSA Wales & Border Ram Sale 2012The Main Ram Sale will be held on Monday 24th Septemberat the Royal Welsh Showground. This is a week later than originally scheduled after concerns were raised by breed societies & vendors about the earlier date.www.nsaramsales.co.uk


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