SAC Encourages Animal Health

By Suffolk Sheep Society 19th November, 2012

Confusion over SMS Scheme rules

If you are purchasing stock you must ensure that they are from other SMS flocks OR


Purchases into flocks will be checked, through the shared database with MV, and if breaches of compliance are evident your valued SMS status may be lost.

A new website


has been launched by SAC for sheep and goat producers.

Accessing the web pages will show the health status of flocks and herds for MV, CAE, EAE and also see if they are in the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme (SMS).

An added advantage is being able to find animals in an area close to your home. The diseases listed can cause huge losses to farm businesses and these web pages make it much easier to track down stock of a given health status.

All members of the Premium Sheep & Goat Health Scheme will be listed on the web pages provided that they have given written permission to SAC allowing their information to be displayed.

Individual scheme members can also access their own page on the site and are able to click on their current status and to print health declarations.

Links to members pages can be set up if PSGHS office is informed of the web address.

The UK industry embraces animal health and welfare and this new website is of immense value to sheep and goat keepers be they breeders, sellers or purchasers of stock.

Ian Pritchard

Health Scheme Manager


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