By Suffolk Sheep Society 16th April, 2013

SAC Veterinary Services will offer CLA testing in 2013.

SAC Veterinary Services will offer CLA testing in 2013. The cost for sample testing will be £4.60. Your vet will take the samples (charge for sampling), note individual ID’s and send the samples to SAC Veterinary Services, Inverness.


On the blood submission form there is a declaration that must be signed by the flock-owner stating that the sale sheep have been isolated from other sheep from testing to sale. It is essential that sheep are tested at least 4 weeks prior to sale.Please ensure that there is adequate sample in a 7ml tube to allow for extra testing. Insufficient sample will result in testing not being done.


A blood test result will be returned to you together with comments. The recommendation is also to test purchased sheep after they have been bought.


This year SAC are offering 2 tiers of testing.

1)Test all sale sheep.

2)Test sale sheep plus stock rams on the farm.


Other diseases eg. Border Disease, Johne’s, can be tested for at the same time – please contact the office on 01463226995.

CLA information – more detail on


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