NADIS (National Animal Disease Information Service) and the Parasite Forecast

By Suffolk Sheep Society 16th April, 2013

NADIS has published the Parasite Forecast for 17 years. The Parasite Forecast is based on detailed Met Office data and describes the parasitic challenge facing UK livestock from both endo-parasites and ecto-parasites each month.


  • It is written by 2 veterinary diploma holders in Edinburgh Vet School who have a special interest in parasites.
  • The Parasite Forecast is a service to improve parasite control by highlighting SCOPS in a seasonal context and the vets central role in parasite control
  • The Parasite Forecast highlights the importance of veterinary health planning in controlling and preventing parasitic diseases and encourages dialogue between the farmer and his vet
  • We currently send the Parasite Forecast by e-mail to 600 livestock practices each month and it is very well received with over 50% of practices forwarding it to their farmer clients either electronically or printing a hardcopy of the 3 page pdf or the 1 page summary, which can be personalised by the practice and included with newsletters or invoices


NADIS have launched a monthly webinar of the Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert as part of a monthly webinar journal for farmers - “Advanced Livestock Skills”. To view the webinars please click on the link below


Like the Parasite Forecast bulletin each webinar promotes disease control and prevention through veterinary health planning and emphasises the vet’s central role in improving animal health on farm. If you think your farmers would find the webinars useful and a good way of communicating better animal health through veterinary health planning, you can forward the link to your farm clients each month. NADIS will update the webinars each month


Advanced Livestock Skillsis being sent to all 600 livestock practices in the UK. Ideally it will be forwarded to farm clients, promoting veterinary health planning in disease control and encouraging dialogue between the farmer and his vet. The NFU and Levy bodies strongly support the initiative and will help in its distribution. Advanced Livestock Skills will complement existing newsletters.



Parasite Forecast

Parasite Forecast Summary


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