North East of Scotland Flock Competition Results for 2013

By Suffolk Sheep Society 22nd October, 2013

Top prize for Strathisla Flock

North East of Scotland Flock Competition Results for 2013

The Flock Competition this year was judged by Taylor and Glynis Soulsby,and the results are as follows


Flocks of under 15 Ewes

1st   Nan Moir                    Strathbeg    

2nd  Doug Donald             Scotran

 3rd  James & Liam Scott   Biffie.


Flocks of 15 -30 Ewes

1st   AJ &WM Norrie           Slackadale   

2nd  Srewart Duncan         Pennan


Flocks of 31 - 60 Ewes

1st  Judith Lorimer             Cadgerford   

2nd Bruce Watson             Gaval


Flocks of Over 60 Ewes

1st  Robbie Wilson             Strathisla    

2nd C & M Bruce                Lochton

3rd  Irene Fowlie                 Essie


Best Flock of Ewes

1st  Robbie Wilson  

2nd Nan Moir                       

3rd  AJ & WM Norrie


Best Ewe Lambs

1st  Robbie Wilson  

2nd Gordon Troup  

3rd  Nan Moir 


Best Stock Tup

1st Robbie Wilson         Forkins Figo   (shared with Pat Machray and Lilburn)

2nd Gordon Troup        Baileys Streets Ahead (shared with Jimmy Douglas)

3rd Judith Lorimer         Strathisla Fencer


Best Tup Lamb                                                                                            

1st  Gordon Troup        Lakeview Ice Cold Gold

2nd Robbie Wilson        Ballynaconnan Big Den

3rd Nan Moir                 Strathisla Eweramaster 


Champion                 Robbie Wilson     Strathisla

Reserve                      Nan Moir              Strathbeg


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