Autumn Return deadline 31 Dec 13

By Suffolk Sheep Society 20th December, 2013

Help with completing your Autumn Return

The deadline for Autumn Returns is looming!     31 December 13

A penalty charge will apply to all flocks who submit the Return late and to flocks who do not submit at all.

Avoid this all by completing your forms today.

Remember to check your Registered Flock Number is correct and to enter the dates when the Rams were used either for Ai or for Natural Service


If you pay by DD you can complete online.

Tips for completing your Autumn Flock Return - ONLINE

SIRES page

When you first open your sires page remove any Sires which are already there by highlighting in top box and clicking on Remove.

To enter your 2013 used Sires

Enter either Ram Reg No. eg 97135 or Flock Book Number eg FBC:13:027 in small top box.

Click Spy glass

Ram should appear in both books

Enter the date the Ram was used for Ai or the date he was put out with Females - use date format 01/09/2013

Then add next Ram and his dates

Continue like this until all Rams used have been entered.


If you have used a Ram which is not yet registered – leave him off your Sires page completely. Complete a Ram Proforma and add note at bottom asking us to add to your Sires List and the date he was used. If he is the only Ram used you will have to tick – No registered Rams used - and we will adjust once proforma received in office.

Remember it is the information on the SIRES page that appears in the Flock Book



Any animals not retained should be marked Sold or Dead

Check the appropriate boxes are ticked for Flock Book and Breeders Directory just before you Submit.

If you get the error that the Sires are not complete, save and complete sires page as above.


Registered Flock Number – First section of Eartag No. starts UK or IE

If this is missing or incorrect on the front of your Flock Return please drop me an email with your Name, Flock code and the correct number and I will adjust your profile on BASCO.


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