By Suffolk Sheep Society 2nd February, 2018

The Suffolk Sheep Society is delighted to report that we are migrating our full database onto the Grassroots System. From 20th February members will be able to access the on line registry via the Society web site, notify and register lambs, report sales and flag animals available for sale. Our pedigree auctioneers will be able to access the site to create sale catalogues and the Society office will have far better access to a whole range of new tools.

Grassroots was first established in 1997 by Margaret Hargreaves, a software database specialist, and Libby Henson, who has her own pedigree in livestock breeding.  Daughter of Joe Henson founder chairman of the RBST, her brother Adam is a regular feature on BBC Countryfile interpreting the farming industry to the great British public. Libby has worked as a breed secretary for many years with a wide range of different breeds, she was the first chief executive of the Livestock Conservancy in the USA and worked on sustainable agriculture for the Food and Agriculture organisation of the United Nations. The Grassroots system is now used by over 110 pedigree breeds of sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, equines and camelids including Charollais, Beltex, Hampshire Downs, Lleyns and many many more. The team work closely with the teams from each breed to ensure that the registry databases are an effective tool for the Society and it members.

Over the next 2 weeks members will be receiving detailed instructions on how to access iand use Grassroots and, in a separate mailing, unique passwords for the new site.

The Basco registry will close on Monday 12th February with the new system going live on Tuesday 20th February.


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