Autumn Branch & Club Flock Competitions

By Suffolk Sheep Society 7th November, 2018

Congratulations to all the winners of the various Branch and Club Flock Competitions which have been held this Autumn. The following information has been provided by the Shropshire & Montgomery Area Suffolk Club, the Midland & Eastern Branch, the North East of Scotland Suffolk Club and the West & Central Scotland Suffolk Sheep Club.

Shropshire & Montgomery Area Suffolk Club Flock Competition Results:

Judge – Sheila Eggleston


First – J Pryce – Horton Flock

Second – S C Walker – Oxbrukheys Flock

Third – Claire Whitticase – Glanmartin Flock

Fourth – A Davies – Hugmore Flock

New Flock 

First – Claire Whitticase – Glanmartin Flock

Second – Chloe Shaw – Mildene Flock

Third – George Powell – Myddle Flock

Fourth – Jackie Payne – Plas Trehelig Flock

Stock Ram 

First - J Pryce – Birness Bargain 

Second – George Powell – Willmar Ramsey 

Third – A Davies – Hugmore Hero

Fourth – S C Walker – Capielaw Commander

Ewe Lambs 

First - J Pryce – Horton Flock

Second – S C Walker – Oxbrukheys Flock

Third – A Davies – Hugmore Flock

Fourth – Claire Whitticase – Glanmartin Flock

Champion – J Pryce – Horton Flock

Reserve Champion – S C Walker – Oxbrukheys Flock

Sheila has also placed the ram lambs she saw as follows: -

First – George Powell – Lakeview ram lamb

Second – S C Walker – Morris The Geezer

Third – S C Walker – Pyeston Titanium 

Fourth – S C Walker – Harpercroft Gladiator

Midland & Eastern Branch Flock Competition 2018

The Champion Flock 2018 is the SEAGRAVE FLOCK

Many congratulations to Sheila Eggleston & family.

The Champion flock view day will be held on Sunday 18th November from 11am. All members & friends are welcome to attend, - please phone Sheila Eggleston 01509 880562 or email

The North East Of Scotland Club Flock Competition Judged By Jim Farquharson, The Horn, Errol. The results are:

Class winners: 

Under 15 Ewes

1st Faith Miskelly, Corrybrae

2nd Arran Donald, Glenisle

15 to 30 Ewes

1st Craig Paterson, Cranorskie

2nd Pat & Rory Machray, Middlemuir

3rd Stewart Duncan, Pennan

Over 31 Ewes

1st Judith Lorimer, Cadgerford

2nd C & M Bruce, Tillyeve

3rd Christine Croal, Hollycroft

Best Flock of Ewes

1st Craig Paterson

2nd Pat & Rory Machray

3rd John Henderson, Bullers

Best Flock of Ewe Lambs

1st Pat & Rory Machray

2nd equal John Henderson and Craig Paterson

Best Stock Tup

1st Pat & Rory Machray

2nd Faith Miskelly

3rd Judith Lorimer

Best Ram Lamb

1st Craig Paterson

2nd Stewart Duncan

Best Female

Stewart Duncan

Champion - Craig Paterson 

Reserve - Pat & Rory Machray

West and Central Scotland Suffolk Sheep Club 2018 Flock Competition, Judge Alan Blair (Thornfleet) And Results Are As Follows:

Small Flocks (Wm Henderson Trophy)

1 S Bourman (Middlehouse)

2 W Borthwick (Bankend)

3 W Haining (High Drum)

Medium Flocks (Netherholm Trophy)

1 J Cannon (Redbrae)

2 P Gray (Scrogton)

3 W Fleming (Hallhill)

4 S Illingworth (Glenrock)

Large Flocks (Southholm Trophy)

1 F Wight (Wights)

Best Progeny Group

1 P Gray (by Brijon Black Magic)

2 J Cannon (by Strathbogie Samurai)

3 W Haining (by Rhaedhr Rocket 2)

Best Female (selected from all flocks entered) (Boreland Quaich) (Excludes Ewe Lambs)

1 J Cannon (Redbrae) 16:31 by Ardlea Atomic

Evandale Trophy - Best 5 Ewe Lambs (selected from all Flocks)

1 P Gray (Scrogton)

2 J Cannon (Redbrae)

3 W Borthwick (Bankend)

Best Stud Ram (Westend Trophy) - P and D Reid (Conchar)


CHAMPION FLOCK (Friarland Shield) J Cannon (Redbrae) 

RESERVE FLOCK F Wight (Wights)


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