New Certificates For Live Exports To Europe Post Brexit

By Suffolk Sheep Society 7th January, 2019

An article which recently appeared in the Irish press is being circulated reporting that Defra have stated that “in the event of no-deal Brexit, UK breed societies and pedigree certificates would not be recognised by the EU.” While Defra do make this statement in one of their Guidance Documents dated the 19th December 2018, they also point out what Societies need to do to address this. In a no-deal Brexit world, exported pedigree breeding animals can continue to be entered into equivalent EU breeding books or registers provided the animals are accompanied by a zootechnical certificate in accordance with existing EU legislation.

Defra have already been in contact and as a Society covering the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, we have registered our interest as a zootechnical business that will meet the requirements. We are also developing the zootechnical certificates to ensure compliance. Defra also state that the arrangements for EU-recognised breed societies and operations operating in the UK would not change initially. They would continue to have access to the UK in the same way as they do now.

You can access the Defra Guidance paper by clicking on the link below.

Defra Guidance Paper


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