National Sale - Shrewsbury

By Suffolk Sheep Society 22nd July, 2011


                       NATIONAL SHOW & SALE - SHREWSBURY


                             FRIDAY 22nd & SATURDAY 23rd JULY 2011


Entries are invited for the 2011 National Show & Sale to be held on the above dates.


Entries must be from MV accredited flocks.  Scrapie genotyping is not compulsory, but highly recommended. If genotypes are stated, certificates must be provided on the day of sale.  Please contact your local veterinary authority to verify the most up to date export requirements which may apply including BTV & standstill regulations.


The sale yard will be open from 6pm on Thursday 21st July and all stock must be removed by 6pm on Saturday 23rd July.  Straw will be available from the market and charged via your account, please indicate on your entry form what your requirements will be.  Straw or sawdust will be allowed in the pens.


The Society and Veterinary inspections will commence at 9am on Friday 22nd July and all sheep must be penned by 10.30am to allow the inspections to be completed before judging starts at 2pm.


The Judge is Mr Ronald M Greig and the classes are as follows:

                                                                                    1st       2nd      3rd     

Single Shearling Ewe                                                  £15      £10      £5       

Single Ewe Lamb                                                        £15      £10      £5       

Single Shearling Ram                                                 £15      £10      £5       

Recorded Single Ram Lamb                                      £15      £10      £5       

Pen of 3 Ram Lambs                                                 £15      £10      £5  &  Gippeswyk Plate

Single Ram Lamb                                                       £15      £10      £5  &  Venning Cup

Ram Lamb with Best Gigot                                        £15      £10      £5 



Female Champion - Best Single Sheep                     £15  &  Quinton Clarke Cup

Male Champion - Best Single Sheep                          £15  &  Society's Cup

Breed Champion                                                         £25  &  Walton Cup

Reserve Champion                                                     £10

Classes kindly sponsored by Stockcare Natural Ltd co Tom Stevenson & Signet Performance Recording. (Please note prizes will be in the form of vouchers).


Suffolk Young Breeders

The following classes will be held on Friday afternoon after the general classes and before the Championships are judged:

Young Handlers         

Young Breeders (lamb bred and shown by the breeder)


The sale will start at 10.30 am on Saturday 23rd July and the order of sale will be:

            Shearling Ewes

            Ewe Lambs

            Shearling Rams

            Ram Lambs


The entry fee per animal is £15 + VAT (£18) and is only refundable if entries cannot be brought to Shrewsbury due to official movement restrictions.


Upset prices will be 250 gns (rams), 150 gns (shearling ewes) and 100 gns (ewe lambs)

No Commission will be charged on animals not sold at the upset price.

For animals withdrawn at a price above the upset price, commission will be payable on the difference between the upset price and the vendor’s reserve.



For all sheep sold, commission will be charged at the rate of 5% + VAT on the sale price.

The Society sale levy is an additional 2%+ VAT. 



Up to TWO substitutes will be allowed per vendor and these must be notified to J Straker Chadwick and Sons not less than 3 days before the event i.e. no later than 5pm on Monday 18th July.  Only substitutes notified in this way will be eligible for entry to the sale.



All entries for sale must be birth notified and all females must be registered.



The Society retains the right to reduce entries in the event of the Sale being over subscribed.


Entry forms together with cheques (unless on Direct Debit) must be made payable to J. Straker Chadwick and Sons & sent to:


J Straker Chadwick and Sons,

Market Street Chambers, Market Street,

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 5SD

by 5pm on FRIDAY 24th JUNE

Tel: 01873 852624      Email:



Amendments to Entries

Amendment to entries will be accepted until 5pm on Friday 24th June, any changes to entries after this time will be considered to be substitutes.



These will be charged at the rate of £1.50 + VAT per line or part thereof (e.g. 12 words per line).


Catalogues will be sent to all vendors and previous purchasers and will be placed on the society website. Other copies will be available from J Straker Chadwick and Sons on request.



The ballot will take place on Monday 27th June and will be published on the Society website.



Outstanding Balances

Please note that council have approved that no sheep will be allowed access to any society sale if an outstanding balance exists with the Society.  All cheque payments must be received by the society office by Friday 24th June for inclusion in this sale. If you are unsure of your current accounts status please call Tel: 02825 632342.






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