Export of frozen ovine/caprine semen to Canada


1. The purpose of this customer information note is to inform exporters that the following supplementary health certificate in respect of Schmallenberg (SBV) for the export of frozen ovine/caprine semen to Canada, has been revised to reflect the new testing requirements in the Canadian import protocol for frozen ovine/caprine semen from the EU.


As an associated document to the parent Export Health Certificate (ref: 1528EHC export of frozen ovine/caprine semen to Canada), this supplementary certificate has been designated as “Cleared”.

2. A specimen copy of the export health certificate and the notes for guidance or other associated documents can be found at:http://www.defra.gov.uk/animal-trade/exports-non-eu/export-health-certificates/

Alternatively, exporters can contact Specialist Service Centre – Exports, Carlisle: http://animalhealth.defra.gov.uk/about/contact-us/tradeexports.html

3. Please note that this Department will assume, unless informed otherwise by an exporter or by the veterinary authorities in the country of destination, that certificates are acceptable to the importing country’s authorities, however this cannot be guaranteed. Destination countries may change their requirements at short notice; not inform the Department until after a change has been made; or, in some cases, not inform the Department at all.

It is therefore strongly advised that you to check with your customers that certificates are acceptable to the authorities in the country of destination. This Department will not accept liability should it turn out that certification supplied by us does not meet an importing country’s requirement.

Further Enquiries

4. This and further CINs will be posted on the Defra website at the following

address: http://www.defra.gov.uk/animal-trade/cins/

5. If you have any further enquiries concerning the subject matter of this CIN you should contact Specialist Service Centre – Exports, Carlisle.


Tel: (01228) 403600 

(Cleared for Export to Canada)

P.A.(Patty) Smith, Business Development, Blair's, Saskatchewan, Canada, seeks Suffolk Semen to be routed via British Livestock Genetics or EBLEX.

A Photo of the ram must be provided with any other relent performance information. Volume yet to be specified.

Henry Lewis, Executive Chairman, BLG

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Patty Smith

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