Interest following Society presence at Euroteir 2012

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300 Suffolk Ewe Lambs - for export to Lithuania.

Mike Adams has recieved a positive enquiry for 300 Suffolk ewe lambs to depart mid summer.  The price currently avaiable is £160.  To make up a shipment the minimum order per participant will be 20.  Preference will be given tot Scrapie Monitored flocks.  The order applys to GB members only.  The sheep must be pysically correct. 

If you are interested in supplying this contract order please contact


 Garnero Sergio, from Italy seekd a ram lamb 3-4 months old and four females older than 3/4 months within the price range of €1500-1800 to be exported to Italy 


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Gottfried Prantl and a group of German sheep breeders will be visiting the 2012 Royal Highland Show.  One of the breeders would like to buy 3/4 Suffolk ewes.  This request has been passed onto Mike Adams, if you would be interested in helping out please contact Mike

01454 261 072

07909 924 528